Spelling may not count when Trenton picks a mayor in November

A candidate for mayor in Trenton is promising “accountablity” according to banners hung illegally over public roadways from bridges, offering some lighthearted humor in a bitter race that will be decided on November 8.

Two City Council members—City Council President Kathy McBride and West Ward Councilwoman Robin Vaughn—are challenging Mayor Reed Gusciora in a nonpartisan election, along with the contender who has difficulty with spelling.

Gusciora’s campaign has been plagued by poor timing in addition to a four-year record of dismal failure and selling out to power brokers that have no real concern about Trenton.

Following two record setting years with 40 homicides in each, Gusciora prematurely declared victory over crime. His announcement was followed by six murders in as many weeks.

After Gusciora rammed through three big tax increases in as many years, the city adopted a six-month budget that transitions from a fiscal-year cycle to a calendar-year cycle without another tax hike by using $73 million in federal money from the American Rescue Plan and dodging employee pension payments.

“I’ve kept my promise to modernize Trenton Water Works and improve its operations, reversing nearly 50 years of underinvestment,” said Gusciora on October 5, 2022, the week before the New Jersey Department of Health identified Legionella bacteria in water samples collected from homes in Trenton, Ewing, Lawrence and Hopewell Township served by TWW.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia, a lung infection caused by Legionella, which is a type of bacteria that is a health concern when it grows inside human-made water systems.

Trenton Water Works supplies around 29 million gallons of drinking water daily to more than 200,000 residents in Lawrence, Ewing, Hamilton, Hopewell, and Trenton.

McBride appears to be the most aggressive challenger as Vaughn and Garrette have waged more low key races, seemingly low on funds and without a broad base of public interest.

McBride has come under criticism for actions of young people who leafleted the town on her behalf but the real scandal is outside influence lining up behind Gusciora, a former assemblyman who once ran for mayor in Princeton.

McBride called on residents to demand action on crime, economic development and education by voting against the incumbent mayor’s record of incompetence.

Her website lists a clear set of objectives that will help residents and put outside influencers in their place.

Early voting has begun and citizens will have the final say on Tuesday, November 8th.

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