Presidential contender Marianne Williamson unveils immigration plan

Presidential contender Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, the best-selling author who is challenging President Joe Biden for the 2024 US Democratic presidential nomination, has released a detailed plan on immigration justice, which is being called “a visionary approach to making America to live up to our best values and principles.”

In her plan, Williamson highlights the importance of treating immigrants with compassion and dignity, stating that, “The deliberate attempt by some of our leaders to make Americans fear something so basic to our greatness in the name of our greatness will one day be seen as a dark, aberrational chapter in our nation’s history.”

She disputed misleading accounts of the situation that have been described by Republican politicians and featured on conservative propaganda channels.

“It is important that we have a president who distinguishes between threats to the United States that are real, and those that are not,” said Williamson, who listed among them criminals smuggling drugs, people, money and guns across our borders or “a legitimate fear that “even a nuclear weapon.”

In her immigration plan, Democratic presidential contender Marianne Williamson said, “It is important that we have a president who distinguishes between threats to the United States that are real, and those that are not” and that “legitimate fears”…”must be fought – with smarts.”

“These are legitimate fears. They must be fought – with smarts – by smart people using the best of modern technology. Evil comes by airplane, by ship, by submarine,” said Williamson.

“In fact, over the last decade, undocumented immigration has been going down. There are no hordes of immigrants ‘infesting’ us,” said Williamson. “Immigrants are not our enemies. I don’t know any progressive who is arguing for open borders, but we are arguing for open hearts.”

“Both documented and undocumented immigrants are 46% less likely than native-born U.S. citizens to commit a crime or be incarcerated,” said Williamson. “And the rate of their contributions, in fields ranging from the arts to science to academia, are among the highest of any subpopulation, whether measured culturally, academically or economically.”

Williamson’s plan includes several key proposals, including a straightforward path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have not violated any of serious laws and are already living in the United States, a reform of the current asylum system, and an end to family separation at the border. She also calls for increased funding for refugee resettlement programs and a more humane treatment of asylum seekers.

President Biden’s immigration policy efforts, which have been largely mismanaged, as Biden tried to stifle media coverage of the immigration “challenge” – because no one was allowed to call it a “crisis” – but it was clear that the administration botched its plans at the border, eroding an asylum system that Biden promised to restore.

President Joe Biden has bungled operations, broken promises and got caught flatfooted making the issue of immigration a major liability.

Immigration was among the first problems Biden faced when a surge of unaccompanied minors caught the administration flatfooted in the first months of his presidency. The paralysis on the border impacted Biden’s entire agenda.

  • The U.S. government has lost contact with thousands of migrant children released from its custody.
  • Biden’s team did a poor job vetting some Afghanis arriving in the United States, because there wasn’t much time to vet tens of thousands them during his administration’s blundering military withdrawal.
  • After promising a smart, deliberative, and collaborative approach frustration between the White House and the Department of Homeland Security frequently emerged.
  • Immigrant advocates and Democrats have slammed the administration over its increased emphasis on enforcement, turning back thousands of Venezuelan migrants and expanding the use of the controversial Trump-era Title 42 pandemic emergency restriction at the US-Mexico border rather than ending it.
  • Republican governors seized on these blunders by sending migrants to Democratic-led cities as an affront to the White House – bringing the issue of immigration and Biden’s poor handling of it to the forefront of the national discussion.

“Although there are certainly reasonable changes that need to be made in our immigration policies, the idea that we have a crisis is simply a canard,” Williamson writes on her website. “Calling our border situation a crisis is simply a means of distracting Americans from seeing who and what is really leeching our resources, who and what is really undercutting our power, and who and what is really stealing our democracy.”

Williamson’s immigration plan has already garnered support from many progressive activists and immigration advocates, who see her proposals as a bold step towards a more compassionate and just immigration system.

“Right now, people seeking asylum on the southern border of the United States are being scapegoated as criminals, their children deceitfully taken from their arms with no plan as to how they will be returned,” said Williamson. “These tactics flagrantly violate American law, which mandates that most anyone who sets foot in the United States has full constitutional protection here.”

“America need leaders who are willing to stand up for what is right and tell the truth, and Marianne Williamson is exactly that kind of leader,” said human rights activist Lisa McCormick. “Her plan is a breath of fresh air in a political landscape that has been dominated by a confluence of corporate Democratic cowardice with anti-immigrant rhetoric intended to distract people from bankrupt GOP policies.”

As the 2024 election approaches, Williamson’s immigration plan is likely to become a key issue in the presidential race, as voters weigh the candidates’ positions on one of the most pressing and controversial issues facing the country today.

After a 13-month suspension due to COVID-19, Project Angel Food served more clients in 2021 than ever before in its 32-year history.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Marianne Williamson attended Pomona College in California before she became the author of a dozen books, including four that landed on the New York Times best seller list. She is the only announced candidate for the 2024 US Democratic presidential nomination, although President Joe Biden is expected to seek a second term.

During the peak of the AIDS epidemic, Williamson founded Project Angel Food, a volunteer food delivery program that delivered more than 14 million meals and still serves home-bound people with life-threatening illnesses, as well as the Peace Alliance, a nonprofit education and advocacy organization.

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