Supreme Court puts abortion pill pause on hold during appeal

Access to the common abortion pill mifepristone will remain unchanged, for now, after the Supreme Court sided Friday with the Biden administration and paused a lower court ruling.

The justices, in a brief order, said they will put on hold a ruling from a Texas federal judge while the Biden administration’s appeal proceeds.

The decision is a temporary victory for the Biden administration that for now, keeps the Food and Drug Administration’s authority on drug approvals.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two of the court’s conservatives, said they would have denied the request for a pause.

“As a result of the Supreme Court’s stay, mifepristone remains available and approved for safe and effective use while we continue this fight in the courts,” President Biden said in a statement.

“I continue to stand by FDA’s evidence-based approval of mifepristone, and my administration will continue to defend FDA’s independent, expert authority to review, approve, and regulate a wide range of prescription drugs,” Biden said.

Biden reiterated his calls for the public to elect more pro-abortion lawmakers but he has neglected calls to make abortion pills available over the counter and other steps to preserve the right to choose.

“The American people must continue to use their vote as their voice, and elect a Congress who will pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v Wade,” Biden said.

“Regarding abortion rights, I am one hundred percent pro-choice,” said Marianne Williamson, one of Biden’s Democratic rivals for the 2024 nomination.

“I believe the decision of whether or not to have an abortion lies solely with a pregnant woman, according to the dictates of her conscience and in communion with the God of her understanding,” said Williamson, who would be the first female elected president if she is successful. “I trust the moral decision-making of the American woman, and I do not feel the government has a right to deny or restrict her decisions.”

Williamson said she would seek to repeal the Hyde and Helms amendments, in addition to vigorously opposing “federal and state legislation designed to shame, harass, punish, or further restrict women from exercising their constitutional right to choose.”

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