Democrat Marianne Williamson burns Joe Biden on Earth Day over fossil fuel

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson and environmental lawyer Steven Donziger who successfully represented victims of oil dumping in Ecuador.

Marianne Williamson will appear at an Earth Day event at Ideal Glass Studios in Manhattan with environmental hero Steven Donziger, the human rights lawyer who was subjected to bizarre corporate retaliation after he who won a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron over dumped oil.

In New York City on Earth Day, Williamson and Donziger will address the climate crisis, how we got here, and what can be done to start repairing our environment. The event will be livestreamed here:

Donziger became the hero of the Millennial Left after he represented over 30,000 farmers and indigenous people who suffered environmental damage and health problems caused by oil drilling in the Lago Agrio oil field of Ecuador.

As a result of this case, Donziger was disbarred, placed under house arrest, and convicted by a judge without a jury in an unfair trial that was criticized by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, eleven different Members of the House of Representatives and more than 100 organizations including Amnesty International, Greenpeace USA, Amazon Watch, Global Witness, Rainforest Action Network, HEDA Resource Center, ReCommon, and the Pachamama Alliance.

fought big oil and was prosecuted by the state without a dash of despair in his brand of climate change activism and all-around outrage.

“I have said from the very beginning that the only path to mitigating the climate emergency lies in our willingness to confront the crisis head on,” said Williamson. “Too many politicians continue to bargain with the climate denialists and oil executives who line their pockets, and it’s threatening our very survival.”

“On the heels of approving the Willow Project last month, shockingly the current administration greenlit another fossil fuel mega-project late last week: A $38.7 billion 807-mile liquefied natural gas pipeline through untouched Alaskan wilderness with a BIGGER carbon footprint than Willow,” said Williamson. “Both of these deals represent clear betrayals to the millions of young voters who mobilized for a livable future in 2020, locking us into unsustainable new emission levels.”

“It is inconceivable that the youth of America will show up in vast numbers in 2024 to support a president who has so reneged on his promises to effectively deal with the climate crisis,” said Williamson. “Poll after poll shows that the American people want powerful steps taken to address the threat of climate change. As president, I will take those steps.”

“If elected, I will cancel the Willow Project on day one,” said Williamson. “And there will be no exporting of liquified natural gas under my watch. Quite the opposite, we will begin a mass mobilization for a just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy. This is not a time to be ramping up fossil fuel extraction; it’s time to be ramping down.”

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