New Jersey Forward Party endorses Roselle Park Mayor for US Senate

Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello

The New Jersey Forward Party has endorsed Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello as a 2024 candidate for the United States Senate, when he challenges incumbent Senator Bob Menendez, who has been in office since 2006 and has faced corruption scandals.

The Forward Party, which aims to bridge the divide between political extremes and promote electoral reform, believes that Signorello —who said New Jersey consistently ranks among the states with the highest rate of political corruption—is the ideal candidate to represent the people of New Jersey in the Senate.

“We need a clean break and a new crop of leaders willing to bridge the gaps between our youngest voters, millennials, boomers, the greatest generation, and everything in between,” said Signorello on his website.

The Forward Party is committed to promoting practical, common-sense solutions to the challenges faced by the people of New Jersey. They are calling for electoral reform, such as Ranked-Choice Voting, to give voters more choice and ensure that every vote counts.

“We believe that Joe Signorello’s commitment to democracy reform and his practical, reasonable approach to problem-solving align perfectly with our party’s core values,” said Brian Varela, the leader of the Forward Party.

The party’s endorsement is a significant boost for Signorello’s campaign. It gives him the support of a growing political movement that is focused on promoting a more collaborative and constructive approach to politics.

“We also can’t lose sight of our future workforce needs, which means investing in trade schools and apprenticeships,” said Signorella. “For our youngest residents, we must ensure that daycare and pre-kindergarten programs don’t cost more than parents earn.”

The New Jersey Forward Party is urging its members to support Signorello’s campaign and spread the word about his candidacy. With their support, Signorello may have a real chance of unseating Senator Menendez and bringing a new approach to politics in New Jersey.

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