Marianne Williamson appears on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne tha God

Marianne Williamson on the Breakfast Club

Marianne Williamson, a rival to President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, appeared on The Breakfast Club, alongside Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy and Tezlyn Figaro

Williamson said we need universal health care in this country, and a host of other progressive policies but to get there, Americans need to get more involved in policy-making and politics in order to elect leadership that will stand up against special interests, economic royalists and corporate aristocrats.

The presidential candidate and New York Times best seller spoke about her agenda, called for presidential debates and she held Biden to account for authorizing more oil and gas drilling on federal lands than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“They are in the grip of the corporate aristocrats, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the big agricultural companies, the big chemical companies, the big food companies, and in that case big oil and defense contractors,” Williamson said of Biden and his allies, who approved the ConocoPhillips Willow project. “I’m not held hostage by those people. I’m not part of that system.”

Williamson, who rose to prominence during her 2020 bid for president, is an advocate for progressive political reforms and has centered her candidacy for office around humanitarian concerns.

She said that on the left and right, Americans are at an inflection point on gun violence.

“There is a critical mass of Americans who feel that this has gone too far,” said Williamson, who faulted “our violent society” for having more guns than people and amid many individuals who make “billions of dollars off breeding violence and breeding fear, so we are going to have a violent society until we decide to have a nonviolent society.”

Williamson reflected on President Franklin Roosevelt’s style of leadership.

“When those he called the ‘economic royalists’ came at him, he said, ‘I welcome their hatred’ that’s what we need is a president who says I welcome their hatred,” said Williamson.

She used an interesting analogy to shoot down claims that she lacks political experience, by explaining that she has the vision, courage and integrity to recognize what the country really needs.

“Washington is filled with political car mechanics, and some of them are very good,” said Williamson. “The problem is that we are on the wrong road.”

“With the fascists at the door, the last thing we should do is limit the conversation about how to defeat them,” said Williamson. “The assumption that Joe Biden is necessarily our best bet in 2024 should be vigorously challenged. He should face his primary challengers in a meaningful debate.”

“Now that Biden is officially running, he must debate Marianne and RFK, who have polled at 10% and 14% respectively. Time to back up all that flowery democracy talk,” said Kyle Kulinski.

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