Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is rapidly building a growing Democratic following

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. surrounded by enthusiastic supporters

A new poll shows Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. building a following with the support of almost one-in-five Democratic voters in the infancy of his campaign for the Democratic nomination against incumbent President Joe Biden.

The survey placed Biden at 62 percent with RFK Jr. at 19 percent while another Democratic challenger, Marianne Williamson, recorded 9 percent in the survey.

A Suffolk University Poll showed Kennedy at 14 percent and Williamson at 10 percent among voters who cast their ballot for Biden in 2020. Biden’s support among his own 2020 voters was at 67 percent, according to the survey.

Both surveys show surprising strength for the candidates challenging an incumbent president from the same party, but polling only shows part of the picture.

In the first ten days of his candidacy, from April 19 through April 28, Kennedy signed up more than 11,500 volunteers.

South Carolina is expected to hold its primary on Feb. 3, followed three days later by New Hampshire and Nevada, which is swapping the caucus it used to hold in favor of a primary.

Georgia would vote fourth on Feb. 13, followed by Michigan on Feb. 27, with Super Tuesday on March 5 featuring balloting in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.

Biden’s2024 reelection bid is desperate to make it appear as though he will not face a serious primary challenger, but the surge among key Democratic voting groups not shows that Kennedy or Williamson can reach the nomination but it also reveals a stunning extent to which the White House is out of touch.

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