Sires Team celebrates their success in West New York

Former Congressman Albio Sires is set to reclaim the mayoralty of West New York after a convincing victory in the recent election.

The “Sires Team for West New York” celebrated their success at Las Palmas, where they secured a clean sweep, paving the way for Sires to become mayor once again.

Although the voting machine breakdowns showed a relatively close race, with about 12 percent to eight percent in favor of Sires, his team had a commanding lead of over 2-to-1 on vote-by-mail ballots and early voting tallies.

This significant advantage helped them break the 60 percent mark and secure a resounding victory.

Expressing his gratitude to his supporters at the victory party, Sires acknowledged their hard work and emphasized the collective effort to move West New York forward.

After serving 16 years in federal office as U.S. Representative for the 8th District, Sires chose not to seek reelection last year and instead decided to run for mayor of his hometown.

With endorsements from the Hudson County Democratic Organization, Governor Phil Murphy, Democratic State Party Chairman LeRoy Jones, and influential State Senator Brian P. Stack, Sires defeated Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo in the election.

The victory margin for Sires’ team was approximately 1500 votes, resulting in a five-person sweep.

The 72-year-old former Congressman, who previously served as the mayor of West New York from 1995 to 2006, stated that being mayor was the government position he enjoyed the most. Known for his relationship-building skills, Sires garnered broad support within the political establishment, as evidenced by his strong local vote totals.

Sires’ journey from a young Cuban immigrant who found refuge in West New York to a successful public servant has resonated with many. He succeeded Anthony DeFino as mayor and later filled the congressional seat left vacant by his friend and fellow Cuban, Bob Menendez, who became a United States Senator.

After spending the majority of his political career in the United States Congress, Sires seeks to return to the local level, where he believes real power resides. He expressed his gratitude to State Senator Brian Stack, who supported his campaign with a robust team, and humorously acknowledged that the victory solidified West New York and Weehawken for Stack.

Sires’ fundraising efforts exceeded $200,000, with donations coming from various high-profile sources, including two super PACs associated with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who is now running for governor. Additionally, U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer and the Middlesex County Democratic Organization provided valuable support during the campaign.

Joining Sires on the board of commissioners are Victor Barrera, Adam Parkinson, Marielka Diaz, and Marcos Arroyo. Despite running a spirited contest and raising a six-figure sum, Public Affairs Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo was unable to overcome Sires’ backing from the Hudson County Democratic Organization and other statewide Democrats, including Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chair LeRoy Jones.

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