Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson is fighting for third term in Roselle

In Roselle, Third Ward Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson is seeking re-election on the Column B slate headed by 3-term Board of Education Commissioner Angela Alvey-Wimbush, who is running for state Senate, and mayoral contender former Assemblyman Jamel Holley, but she is a dynamic woman who has built an impressive record of her own.

Johnson stood up to political bosses who have sought to silence the government watchdog, who caught wildly frivolous spending like the unlawful out of state travel in municipal vehicles by incumbent Mayor Donald Shaw, who ran up nearly $5,000 in fines for EX Pass violations in New York City.

Third Ward Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson

Johnson was first elected to the Roselle Borough Council in 2017, and she was re-elected for a second term in 2020, but Column A power brokers removed the representative from her position as chairwoman and member of the borough’s public safety committee, much the same way that Tennessee Republicans attempted to expel Democratic Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson as punishment for calling for gun reform.

After former Chief Financial Officer Anders Hasseler and Borough Administrator R. Allen Smiley of conspired to commit “systemic, relentless and chronic” violations of her civil rights, officials on the Borough Council engaged in retaliatory action against Johnson, but she refused to back down.

“While the politics of Roselle may have changed over time, my priorities for serving our Third Ward Residents have not. I have always been intentional about placing the residents of Roselle first and will never waiver from that commitment,” said Johnson. “I look forward to continuing my public service and am really excited about partnering with Jamel Holley as he pursue his return to the helm of leadership in our beloved Borough.”

“Our overall plan for the community will not only benefit the now, but the future, with residents and Roselle stakeholders at the center,” said Johnson.

Johnson has been a successful business owner and job creator, having founded several eateries including Sisters of Soul Restaurant, Savannah’s Soul Cuisine and now her newest venture, You So Souped & Salads.

“My business background has contributed significantly to redeveloping blighted areas and bringing quality businesses to Roselle for our residents and surrounding communities,” said Johnson. “We will overhaul the entire redevelopment of Roselle and make it a more attractable community for all.”

“Cynthia has a tremendous record for standing up for the residents of Roselle. This is why she has been elected twice and I am looking forward to her partnership for our Roselle Revitalization that is so necessary,” said Holley.

Rounding out the Team Holley slate is Stan Cunningham, President of the local Pop Warner Football Program and a professional mental health manager for a state nonprofit agency.

“The Borough of Roselle has incredible potential but lacks leadership at the moment to be able to reach our full potential. Mayor Holley, Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson and I will connect what is disconnected and put Roselle on a path of success long-term”, said Cunningham.

“We will make Roselle more affordable, return resources directly back to taxpayers, and will ensure recreation services for seniors, children and families will be permanent,” said Cunningham. “Our redevelopment plan will focus on attracting quality businesses and bring underdeveloped areas to life. Infrastructure and improvements to our flooded areas will be immediately addressed and our parks will be restored and maintained.” “

“Public Safety Departments will not have to worry about resources and will receive adequate funding to protect and assist our residents,” said Cunningham. “Communication is at an all-time low with this Borough administration and the residents deserve so much better. We will work as a team to deliver quality and consistent communication immediately.”

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