President Joe Biden is the Democrat who cannot beat any Republican

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, and President Joe Biden

A new CNN poll not only reveals that Democratic voters lack confidence in President Joe Biden, but a broad 67% majority of them wish they had an alternative in the 2024 election—and they do although many Americans are being kept in the dark about their alternatives.

The two Democratic rivals challenging Biden for their party’s nomination are a serious threat to the entrenched ruling oligarchs but those who own the vast majority of media outlets have thus far done a terrific job of preventing voters from learning about Robert F. Kennedy and Marianne Williamson.

For the most part, Kennedy has been subjected by CNN, MSNBC and other establishment media to concerted efforts intended to malign an honorable man. Williamson has simply been ignored.

Whether they actively speak harmful untruths as they unfairly criticize Kennedy, or treat Williamson as thought she is entirely unimportant, the truth is that the greedy rich genuinely fear these alternative Democrats because they threaten to restore the order of things that existed before Americans allowed such avaricious aristocrats to exist, let along dominate the mechanisms for controlling our republic.

It is now considered a respectable political tactic to traduce Kennedy while the media’s disregard for Williamson is equally outrageous.

It is shameful that Kennedy is being treated this way and the media’s silence on Williamson is deafening but the American public deserves better than this, particularly in light of what pollster John Zogby called, “New and Catastrophic Numbers for President Biden.”

“When folks are asked whether or not he should run again, 73 percent say no, there should be a different candidate besides Joe Biden,” said Zogby. “That includes up to 65 percent of Democrats, which is devastating.”

While noting Biden’s remarkably poor approval rating is, “lower than his three immediate predecessors were at this stage,” Zogby said the Democratic numbers in the CNN survey that show liberals want him out of the race.

The famed pollster’s son, Jeremy Zogby, said he has doubted the president’s effectiveness since his first days in the White House. His analysis was equally biting.

“I knew it was catastrophic a hundred days in because, No. 1, Joe Biden did not live up to his promise of toning things down, being the adult in the room,” said Jeremy Zogby, the managing partner of the firm his father founded, John Zogby Strategies. “Within a hundred days, his approval rating shot low, and it was the biggest collapse in modern presidential polling. About 900 days later, Joe Biden has, I believe, the lowest approval rating in modern presidential polling.”

Trump leads in a hypothetical match against Biden by one point 46 to 45,

The dismal poll numbers show Biden faces broadly negative job ratings overall and widespread concerns that his age, at 80 years old, might affect his current level of physical and mental competence.

According to the poll, 46% of registered voters say that any Republican presidential nominee would be a better choice than Biden in 2024.

“Pretending that Biden is the only thing standing between democracy and a Republican that has already attempted to stage a coup d’état is boneheaded, especially since the incumbent president is weak, vulnerable, and ill-equipped to fight the authoritarian nightmare confronting this nation,” said Lisa McCormick, a progressive activist who declared in July 2022 that she would not support his renomination, citing Biden’s environmental policies, his foreign policy decisions, and his record-breaking military spending.

The idea that Biden is the only hope for democracy is a dangerous delusion, given the Republican Party’s increasingly authoritarian tendencies; the challenges he faces from both within his own party, the GOP and from the many other forces that are working to undermine our democracy; and the incumbent president’s declining popularity and political capital.

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