RFK Jr. taking on DNC over apparent effort to give Joe Biden a coronation

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has failed to bring at least 10 states into compliance with their own published rules on delegate selection for the 2024 primary election, creating a voter .

President Joe Biden’s leading Democratic challenger says the DNC is “rigging” the process to ensure the incumbent’s re-nomination as new polling data suggests that it will be almost impossible for him to win the November election.

The campaign of Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. today reported that Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Vermont, and Washington as well as that of Democrats abroad are out of compliance.

The combined population of those states is 43,614,869, and they have 38,520,974 registered voters, plus a combined 115 electoral votes.

“They are missing the deadline on announcing that there is going to be a primary election,” said Dennis J. Kucinich, Kennedy’s campaign manager. “This is an obvious form of voter suppression.”

“And it comes not from the states, but from the DNC itself, which has constructed an almost impenetrable Chinese wall of contradictory entrances and exits regarding the delegate process,” said Kucinich. “The DNC is creating confusion to increase its control over the states, and to draw attention away from the primary itself — exactly as if there is to be no primary at all.”

“Alabama, Washington State, and Democrats Abroad have also failed to make their specific petition forms available, as required. This means that the collection of signatures to attain ballot status cannot yet occur,” said Kucinich.

“These are not mere oversights. This is a further indication of the DNC’s efforts to rig the 2024 nomination by letting chaos reign in the delegate selection process,” said Kucinich.

Kucinich said he has sought a meeting with the DNC Chair, Jaime Harrison, on behalf of the campaign, in advance of Thursday’s DNC meeting in Washington D.C. At this time no response has been received.

The Kennedy campaign is calling on the DNC to immediately bring all 10 states into compliance with their own rules. They are also calling on the DNC to provide clear and transparent information about the delegate selection process so that voters can make informed decisions about who to support.

The DNC has not yet responded to the Kennedy campaign’s allegations.

The 2024 Democratic Primary is still in its early stages, but the Kennedy campaign’s allegations could have a significant impact on the race. If the DNC is found to be in violation of its own rules, it could damage the party’s credibility and make it more difficult for them to win the general election.

Biden has been criticized by some Democrats for record-high Pentagon spending and his support of military interventions in the Middle East, which have been costly in terms of both lives and money but failed to achieve their objectives.

Biden vowed to veto Medicare for All, a single-payer insurance system that would provide universal coverage to all Americans and ensure that everyone has access to affordable, quality health care.

Fossil fuel production is also at record high levels, and while Biden promised to address climate change, he has failed to transition the United States away from fossil fuels, a decision putting the economy ahead of stopping a climate disaster.

Democrats do not only believe that Biden needs to take a more aggressive stance. They argue that he is not progressive enough and is not doing enough to address the issues that are important to liberals because he is a

“It’s pretty clear the DNC does not want a primary,” said Kennedy. “I don’t want to say they want a coronation, but that’s a fair way to put it, actually.”

“Essentially they’re fixing the process so that it makes it almost impossible to have democracy function. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democratic voters from having any choice in who becomes president — in who becomes the Democratic nominee,” said Kennedy.

The Kennedy campaign is hoping to raise awareness of this issue and put pressure on the DNC to change its ways. They believe that all voters deserve to have a fair and transparent process for selecting their nominee.

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