Speaker Kevin McCarthy directs House panel to open Biden impeachment inquiry

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy directed the House Oversight Committee to open a formal impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden over his family’s business dealings, launching historic proceedings ahead of the 2024 election.

McCarthy said the panel has found a “culture of corruption” around the Biden family as Republicans hope to exploit the business dealings of the President’s son, Hunter Biden, from before the Democratic president took office.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has suggested that the President’s connections to certain international and domestic business transactions amount to influence peddling that generated millions of dollars for the Biden family and associates.

In a letter to U.S. Department of State Secretary Antony Blinken, Comer is requesting information on sudden foreign policy decisions related to the dismissal of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokinthat occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President and Hunter Biden served on the board of directors of Burisma, a natural gas company in Ukraine.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability seeks information from the U.S. Department of State to provide context for certain sudden foreign policy changes that occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President, particularly regarding Ukraine while then-Vice President Biden’s son served on the board of directors of a company being investigated for corruption,” wrote Comer.

“The Committee is investigating then-Vice President Biden’s and the Obama-Biden Administration’s official actions and policies regarding Ukraine,” wrote Comer. “Specifically, the Committee seeks information regarding the State Department’s perception of the Ukrainian Office of the Prosecutor General, at the time headed by Viktor Shokin.”

Amid domestic and international pressure, Shokin was removed from office by the Ukrainian Parliament in March 2016, a move welcomed by the European Union, the United States, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

Shokin’s removal played a central role in the Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory as it was falsely claimed that then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden sought to thwart an investigation into Burisma, a company tied to his son, Hunter Biden, but Obama administration officials, European diplomats, and anti-corruption advocates in Ukraine say Shokin was removed because he failed to pursue Ukrainian politicians for corruption, and that they intervened before Biden did.

McCarthy plans to move forward with the impeachment inquiry despite Republicans having no evidence of wrongdoing or impeachable offenses.

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. castigated Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry on President Joe Biden without any evidence against him.

“Today the United States is hurtling toward a total government shutdown and a farcical impeachment process because the Speaker does not have the spine or guts to do his job,” said Pascrell. “Under our Constitution, impeachment is a sacred process, reserved for the most serious cases. Republicans have turned it into one more crude political shiv.”

“There is no evidence – zero – that would merit proceeding with impeachment,” said Pascrell. “But, once again, we see that Republican degradation of our institutions is without limit.

“Nearly every House Republican voted to keep Donald Trump in office after he sought to attack Congress itself and violently overthrow American democracy,” said Pascrell. “Now they want to impeach Joe Biden on nothing but cold vengeance.”

“This is all happening because the House Republican leader will not to stand up to his extremist colleagues on any issue, imperiling the very foundations of America to keep a title. House Republicans are unfit to govern America and do not give a damn about the American people,” said Pascrell.

One anonymous Republican lawmaker told CNN, “[t]here’s no evidence that Joe Biden got money, or that Joe Biden, you know, agreed to do something so that Hunter could get money. There’s just no evidence of that. And they can’t impeach without that evidence. And I don’t I don’t think the evidence exists.”

Congressman Tom Kean, Jr. is a New Jersey Republican who has assiduously sought to avoid being labeled as a right-wing extremist while also pandering to fanatic MAGA Tea Party radicals, but he is being called out on that by Congressional Integrity Project executive director Kyle Herrig.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (front right) speaks to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (front left) in the House Chamber as Rep. Tom Kean Jr sits in the row behind them
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (front right) speaks to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (front left) in the House Chamber as Rep. Tom Kean Jr sits in the center of the row behind them and other right-wing Tea Party fanatics in Congress.

“The MAGA-led House majority hasn’t passed a single bill into law to address inflation, lower the cost of prescription drugs, or address the high cost of college. These are the issues that are top priorities for voters across the country and in NJ-7. Yet, while Donald Trump gets in more and more legal hot water, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kevin McCarthy are accelerating their bogus, evidence-free impeachment,” said Herrig.

“The Congressional Integrity Project is calling on Tom Kean, Jr. to go on the record rejecting this unwarranted political stunt and demand that Kevin McCarthy instead focus on real priorities for American families rather than using their congressional majority to defend Donald Trump and tarnish President Biden,” said Herrig.

Comer and crackpot Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene have also accused the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) of failing “to uphold the rights of victims who were sexually exploited by Hunter Biden.”

Specifically, Comer and Greene claim that Hunter Biden paid and wrote off payments to prostitutes as tax expenses for one of his companies. and they accused him of “Mann Act violations.”

The White Slave Traffic Act — better known as the Mann Act — was passed in 1910, and made it a crime to transport women across state lines “for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.”

While designed to combat forced prostitution, the law was used to criminalize many forms of consensual sexual activity and as a tool for political persecution, as well as for blackmail.

The Mann Act is still in effect today, but it is rarely used.

She also has argued against educating students about a truthful history of racism or acknowledging that LGBTQ+ people even exist and Greene led the chorus of right-wing fanatics saying schools are teaching children racism and promoting sex, homosexuality, & normalizing transgender to children is mental/emotional child abuse.”

In comments at the New York Young Republican Club in New York City, Greene said that if she had organized the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol “we would have won” and “it would’ve been armed,” according to video from her appearance that was posted on social media.

The attack on Jan. 6 was armed, with many rioters bringing weapons — including hammers, batons, and bear and wasp spray — as they sought to overrun the Capitol to interrupt the certification of then-President Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden.

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