The Forward Party endorses three New Jersey candidates

The independent political movement led by former Governor Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang has awarded Denise King, Guy Citron and Tyler Powell the Forward Party endorsement in New Jersey’s Legislative District 23.

These candidates are Denise King for State Senate, and Guy Citron and Tyler Powell for State General Assembly.

King, Citron, Powell Gain Forward Endorsement Based on Demonstrated Commitment to Accountable Governance, Electoral Reform, and Fighting Corruption

Steve Barratt, a state leader from New Jersey, explained the endorsements: “These candidates have embraced the Forward Party values and priorities. Accountability in our elected officials is key, and Denise, Guy, and Tyler all support this value as is seen by their advocacy for electoral reforms such as ranked-choice voting and a nonpartisan, top-4 primary.

These reforms will help lead the way to more competitive elections, more choices for voters, and a more responsive government for New Jersey.”

Said Tyler Powell: “I intend to work hard to be on a first name basis with as many constituents as possible.”

King pointed to her commitment to listening in order to properly understand and represent the interests of the District.

Citron repeatedly emphasized the need to work across the aisle to solve problems for his district.

“I don’t care who they voted for,” Citron said. “A resident of the 23rd District can rest assured that I will work with whoever I need to, regardless of party affiliation, in order to promote their interests. I run proudly as a Forward Democrat.”

Outside of the value of accountability, the Forward Party is also focused on fighting against corruption in our government.

Senior leadership has released strong statements against TX Attorney General Ken Paxton and, relevant to New Jersey, Sen. Bob Menendez.

The LD23 candidates have also taken stances against such corruption.

The district is currently represented in the state Senate by Doug Steinhardt (R), Lopatcong Township) and in the General Assembly by John DiMaio (R, Hackettstown) and Erik Peterson (R, Franklin Township, Hunterdon County).

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