School custodian in Vineland arrested for allegedly tampering with food

Shocking and deeply disturbing allegations have surfaced involving a custodian at a Cumberland County elementary school, which has sent shockwaves through the community.

Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, a custodian at the Elizabeth F. Moore School in Vineland, has been arrested and charged after allegedly posting videos of himself tampering with food and utensils served to the young students.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Impellizzeri was caught on video “utilizing various utensils and items from the school to wipe his penis, testicles, and anus.”

He was also seen wiping these areas with pieces of bread and spitting on the bread before returning it to the container to be served to unsuspecting children.

Investigators have reviewed the videos, and the contents are nothing short of horrifying.

Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, a custodian at the Elizabeth F. Moore School in Vineland

Impellizzeri had been employed as a custodian for the Upper Deerfield Township Board of Education since September 1, 2019, and the allegations have sent shockwaves through the community. The Elizabeth F. Moore School houses students in grades three through five, and the accusations have left parents and school officials appalled.

The alarm was raised when the school received multiple anonymous tips regarding posts on the encrypted messaging application, Telegram.

In these posts, a man claiming to work for the Upper Deerfield Township Public School District shared videos depicting the disturbing acts mentioned in the affidavit.

One of the most shocking allegations includes Impellizzeri spraying bleach into a container of cucumbers that were later served to children. Additionally, he was purportedly seen performing sexual acts with items from the school, as well as engaging in acts of masturbation and urination on pillows and kitchen bowls.

Impellizzeri now faces a total of six charges, including a second-degree charge of official misconduct, and five third-degree charges.

These charges include aggravated assault for attempting to cause significant bodily injury to multiple students by contaminating their food with bleach.

Following his arrest on Tuesday, Impellizzeri was being held in the Cumberland County jail, awaiting a detention hearing. Notably, a search of public court records did not reveal any prior adult criminal record for the accused.

Parents and school officials are grappling with the shock and disgust brought by these allegations. The Upper Deerfield Township Board of Education has promised a full investigation into the matter, with the safety and well-being of the students being their top priority.

These deeply disturbing allegations have left the community shaken, and many are now seeking answers and reassurance that such actions will never be tolerated in any educational institution. The investigation into this horrifying case is ongoing, and the accused custodian will face the full weight of the legal system.

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