Gun fatalities over a 72 hour period in America outpaces all year in 32 nations

As a result of shootings over a 72 hour period, 147 Americans were killed and another 291 were injured in 341 incidents in 42 states and the District of Columbia, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Fewer than 147 people were killed with firearms over the entire year of 2021 in at least 32 countries, according to reliable sources that monitor such statistics.

Texas had 16 deaths while Illinois, Indiana and South Carolina each had 11 slayings. Alabama, California and New York each lost 7 lives to gun violence.

Illinois topped the list of injuries with 45 people wounded by firearms. Texas had 23 injuries, New York had 21 wounded, Indiana had 19.

Michigan had 17, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin each had 14, California and Maryland each had 13, Georgia, Ohio and Alabama has 12, 11 and 10, respectively.

The Gun Violence Archive is an online chronicle of firearms incidents collected from more than 7,500 law enforcement, media, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provide near-real time data about the results of America’s epidemic.

Gun violence was reported over the last three days in Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Virginia, California, New York, Mississippi, Indiana, Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Connecticut, Georgia, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Arkansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana and the District of Columbia.

The number of firearm related deaths in the United States over this three day period was greater than the total number of fatalities due to guns in the entire year any one of these countries: Iceland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Barbados, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, Ireland, Moldova, South Korea, New Zealand, Slovenia, Montenegro, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Georgia, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, or Belgium.

Experts consider easy access to guns in America the most significant root cause of the violence, but a number of states have been working to lower the barrier for people to own and carry guns in public.

The spike in violence since summer 2020 has been generalized, across cities and states with lax and strict gun laws, in places with progressive and conservative prosecutors, as well as Republican and Democratic mayors and governors.

These waves of gun violence flood communities with hopelessness and despair.

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