Mayor posts bizarre Jay-Z response after being caught in residency fraud

After this publication reported that Roselle Mayor Donald A. Shaw purchased a home in Elizabeth with his wife Kimberly M Sharrock-Shaw and that the family agreed the property would be used as their principal residence as a condition for borrowing $627,288 from a state-licensed mortgage bank, the cowardly official has refused to come forward to answer questions.

Apparently caught in a bald-faced lie, Shaw has not responded to numerous invitations to comment on the topic but social media was on fire with a lively discussion in which many residents expressed outrage over the Mayor’s deceit.

Click on the image to witness the bizarre Jay Z montage posted on social media by Roselle Mayor Donald A. Shaw

On his Facebook page, Shaw posted a bizarre montage of images along with the sound of billionaire rapper Jay Z chanting from Original ‘A million and one questions / Rhyme no more’

“Somebody’s pulling me closer to the ground; I ain’t panicked, I been here before; Seems like only yesterday when I got up on that stage; In front of that crowd;
And showed them who was who, and what was what…” then the sound skips to “Okay, I’m reloaded,” and abruptly stops a moment later.

Roselle Mayor Donald A. Shaw “is losing his mind,” said former Mayor Christine Dansereau

“He is losing his mind,” said former Mayor Christine Dansereau, in response to Shaw’s newest post. “He takes no responsibility for his actions. He thinks leadership is a place for pretenders. According to him, he’s the victim being pulled down to the ground.”

“Really, what about the family, friends, and community you have dragged down with your lies and corruption for your own gain?” Dansereau rhetorically asked Shaw.

Dansereau said the county prosecutor should be looking into the possibility of criminal prosecution in connection with Shaw’s actions.

“The bank he got the money from needs to be alerted, and the state ethics board needs to be enlightened about the laws broken and the community trust,” said Dansereau. “We need to stop feeling sorry for the abusers and stand up for what is right. He is an adult. He is responsible for his actions…”

Shaw agreed to a mortgage provision when he borrowed $627,288 promising that the home he purchased on Thomas Street in Elizabeth would be his primary residence, but if he kept that pledge then he has defrauded residents of Roselle by lying about his residency while violating a municipal ordinance and state law that require elected officials to reside in the community they serve.

Click here to sign the petition demanding that Roselle Mayor Donald Shaw must resign because he moved to Elizabeth, agreed to a mortgage provision that he would make the home he purchased on Thomas Street his primary residence, and then defrauded residents of Roselle by lying about his actions.

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