Millionaire Murphy makes West New York mess with ‘my money’ remark

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy finds himself in hot water once again as critics express outrage over his recent remarks and extravagant spending on office furniture.

The controversial statements made by Murphy, a Wall Street millionaire who used his Goldman Sachs fortune to buy the 2017 gubernatorial nomination from Democratic Party bosses, have sparked backlash among residents, further fueling the growing discontent towards his administration.

The incendiary remarks come as Murphy is already facing criticism over lavish expenditures on Statehouse furnishings that have raised questions about his handling of taxpayer money and priorities as the state grapples with various challenges.

At a campaign rally for former Congressman Albio Sires, who is running for mayor of West New York, Murphy made incendiary remarks that have only deepened the divide between him and New Jersey’s working middle-class residents.

Addressing the audience, Murphy declared, “You got that? Remember one thing when anyone says something otherwise, tell them Murphy said the following: it’s my money, and that’s how it’s going to be spent.”

His cavalier attitude towards taxpayer funds has drawn sharp criticism from opponents and public officials alike.

West New York Public Affairs Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo was quick to condemn Murphy’s statement, highlighting that the funds in question are not the governor’s personal money but rather belong to the people of New Jersey.

Cirillo, who is also running for mayor, emphasized the importance of responsible and accountable governance, stating, “It’s not Murphy’s money, it’s our money. The people’s money.”

Cirillo’s response reflects the sentiment shared by many residents who view Murphy’s attitude as disconnected from the realities faced by ordinary citizens.

“Governor Murphy just said out loud what most New Jersey Democrats think but dare not say,” said Republican state Senator Ed Durr. “He really believes that funds extracted from taxpayers by government are his to dole out on the campaign trail to buy votes or in the back rooms of Trenton to curry favor with Democratic party bosses.” “

“It’s a shocking admission that helps explain why Democrat leaders approved buying a fleet of new taxpayer-funded SUVs for themselves with pandemic relief funds while most New Jerseyans got nothing,” said Durr. “This slush fund mentality that’s shared by Governor Murphy and the Democrat insiders who have ruled the Legislature for two decades is exactly why New Jersey has the highest tax burden in the nation for families and businesses.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Murphy has faced scrutiny over his extravagant expenditures for office furniture in the Statehouse, amounting to a staggering $500,000.

This move has raised eyebrows as the state continues to grapple with economic challenges and pressing issues such as education, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Critics argue that such a significant expenditure on non-essential items sends the wrong message to New Jerseyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

As Murphy continues to face backlash, his endorsement of Albio Sires and the promise to allocate $65 million for a new school in West New York have also drawn criticism.

Opponents argue that Murphy’s focus on political alliances and grand gestures overshadows the pressing needs of communities across the state.

The governor’s 2021 Republican opponent, former state Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, seized on these controversies to highlight what they perceive as a pattern of irresponsible spending and disregard for taxpayers’ concerns.

With the municipal election in West New York approaching, the criticisms against Murphy have intensified in light of Murphy’s political grandstanding.

As the election nears, residents of New Jersey continue to voice their concerns over the governor’s handling of taxpayer money and his divisive remarks.

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