Pop Up Gun Store in Wayne: What could possibly go wrong?

Hawkeye Firearms set up a gun dealership in Wayne virtually overnight without public input or government accountability

By Stewart Resmer

At a time in America when the sad statistics of gun violence reveal that the demonstrable leading cause of death among children in America is attributable to firearms, a pop-up gun store, that also sells ammunition, has set up shop at 65 Mountain View Boulevard in Wayne Township where no one that I have spoken to about the establishment knows the first thing about the township’s deliberations in the application nor municipal approvals it took to open the gun dealer’s doors.

Upon discovering the presence of the gun trafficking dealer’s store opposite the drug-free zone nearest the Police Athletic League’s site, I sent several emails to the entire Township Council and Chief McNiff, Captain Rooney, and Officer Barrows who is president of the local PBA, and the Town Clerk, asking when the application was filed with the township and when it went before zoning and planning.

None have responded.

Out of an existential concern for our school children, at an unprecedented time of murderous mass shootings at our schools nationwide, I decided to apprise the Board of Education, that sales of guns and ammunition were now available on sale in Wayne Township.

None but one singular board member, the entire council, police department, and political leadership have expressed any concerns, reservations or interest in the matter.

Not even Moms Demand Action has shown a modicum of interest in response to my concerns about the local proliferation, sales, and distribution of lethal weapons and ammunition here.

And so I am left to conjecture that while this community remains adamant that the parking spot at the Starbucks coffee shop is often guarded by uniformed police officers blissfully indifferent to the coming and going of heavily armed patrons during hours of operation of the adjacent gun range there, which includes Sunday morning bring your guns to Wayne?

Wayne has now become a full-service destination town for firearm and ammunition trafficking and sales as well.

Whatever could possibly go wrong indeed.

Stewart Resmer is a Vietnam-era veteran who resides in Wayne, and Hawkeye Firearms is a gun dealership that set up in the community virtually overnight without public input or government accountability.

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