GOP presidential candidates sue over being excluded

Two presidential candidates—Larry Elder and Perry Johnson—say they will file a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee for denying them a place in the first GOP primary debate.

Johnson filed a Federal Electoral Commission complaint against Fox News and the Republican National Committee over what he calls its “corrupt debate process.”

Johnson attempted to qualify for the debates by selling $1 T-shirts in order to reach the goal of accumulating 40,000 individual donors for his campaign,

“In a collusive effort to cherry-pick participants in the August 23, 2023, Republican presidential primary debate (the “Debate”), FOX outsourced Debate participation criteria to the RNC, allowing the RNC to seize control over one of the most prominent opportunities available to presidential primary candidates. In doing so, FOX blatantly violated Commission requirements for staging candidate debates and thereby made prohibited corporate contributions to each of the participating candidates.”

“The lack of transparency and confusion around the RNC’s debate requirements is antithetical to the democratic process,” said Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd, a former Republican congressman from Texas. “The polling standards are arbitrary, unclear, and lack consistency. This is an unacceptable process for a presidential election. The American people deserve better.”

one of the requirements to make it to the RNC debate stage. However, he failed to poll above 1%, barring him from the debate. On Wednesday, he announced that he filed a 60-page complaint with the FEC, decrying the debate process as “corrupt.”

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